Alex Lee, Inc. Headquarters

Location: Hickory, NC

Square Footage: 23,146 SF

A Well-Rounded Office 

Alex Lee, Inc. is a food retail and distribution company, headquartered in Hickory, North Carolina, with it’s primary operating companies being Lowe’s Foods and Merchants Distributors. Following a detailed programming and creative visioning exercise, the project’s design transformed Alex Lee’s 1980’s office into a modern, more open, and collaborative office environment by exposing the original exterior brick walls, and ceiling structure, allowing natural light to flow into the building’s core.  The 1980’s style workstations (mint green, 8 feet high panels) were also replaced with low panels and sit to stand design which allows for spatial efficiency, collaboration, and improved employee ergonomics.

The project is a two-phase project, with the first phase focusing on the 2nd floor office area and employee break areas. The break areas featured unique design components that instilled branding messages to employees and guests in a fun, unique fashion.